The Chicken Hawk Cobalt Prospect

Cruz Cobalt Corp’s Chicken Hawk Cobalt Prospect is located in Deer Lodge County, Montana.

  • The Chicken Hawk cobalt prospect consists of approximately 1,339 acres and is located in Deer Lodge county, Montana.

  • Cobalt, the primary targeted commodity of the Chicken Hawk, is occurring in the pyritized andesite and as cobaltian arsenopyrite; the sulphides are pnuematolytic in origin. The 94 claims surround 4 patented claims, no less than 15 prospects, and 3 adits.

  • Management believes that the cobalt trend in the Western USA snakes its way through Idaho, into Montana and up into Southern B.C.

Cruz is actively engaged in acquiring and developing high grade Cobalt projects in politically stable, environmentally responsible and ethical mining jurisdictions. Cruz has already acquired several historically high-grade cobalt projects across North America. Seven cobalt projects are located in Canada, one in Idaho, and one in Montana. The goal of the company is to make Cruz the foremost cobalt project generator and developer on the TSX Venture Exchange. Management feels that cobalt is at the early stages of a significant bull market and we are pleased to be positioning Cruz at the forefront of this cycle.

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